Strutoo – Beauty Services

An Immaculate Beauty Service Appointment & Product Delivery Platform

Strutoo allows beauty service providers, businesses, content creators, and users to come together on a single platform. Users can choose from a huge selection of beauty products and on-demand beauty services.

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What is

Strutoo is a beauty service appointment and product delivery platform that is accessible via mobile apps and a website. It has 3 main modules. These are marketplace, on-demand beauty services, and influencers sections.

The influencers section is where beauty experts can create and publish content based on beauty, makeup, skincare, and self-care. Moreover, users can follow their favorite influencers, view their live streams, and purchase their products.

About the Project

Project Idea

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Strutoo is for users looking to avail on-demand beauty services and purchase beauty products. Vendors and businesses onboard the platform to provide their products and services to interested customers.

Service providers can be individuals or groups offering one or more beauty services. Additionally, Strutoo features a dedicated influencers section for beauty experts who can create original content related to beauty and makeup.

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Project Challenges

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The biggest challenge in this project was to import bulk products. This was because there was infinite nesting of variations, i.e., fully dynamic database models.

Another important challenge was to implement a new payment gateway that worked in Egypt.

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We started with developing a template for the project. Our developers resolved the nesting issue using variations.

We kept different rows in the database and used an auto-generated stock keeping unit (SKU).

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How does Strutoo Work?

Users can sign up for the platform by providing necessary details like name, address, contact number, and email ID. Otherwise, they can directly visit the home screen where three tabs are available at the bottom:


This section lists all the beauty products available on the platform. These are divided into categories and brands for making it easier for users to view products of their liking.

On-Demand Beauty Services

All the on-demand beauty services available on Strutoo are listed here. Bookings can be made instantly for a user’s preferred services.

Influencers Section

This section is dedicated to beauty experts and influencers. Here, influencers will create and share content on beauty, makeup, lifestyle, and so on. Strutoo users can follow these content creators and join their live sessions to know more about their products.

Main Features of The Project

  • Chat

  • Payment gateways

  • Analytics

  • Geofencing

  • Try on Module API

  • Live streaming

  • Mailchimp (for email marketing)

  • Google Maps (for delivery tracking)

  • Zendesk for customer communication

  • Basic features like signing up, logging in, and user management

Services We Provided

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    Market understanding localization

  • 02

    Product Design

    User flow Designing

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    Android app IOS app

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    Play Store publishing App Store publishing

Tech Stack

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    Node JS

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We deliver results that matter

  • Users

  • 3.5+

  • Regions

  • 90K+

  • 5,000+

  • Reviews

  • 10+

  • Downloads

One Platform for Everything Beauty

By 2024, the beauty salon market will reach a net worth of $190 billion. Today, mobile apps play an important part in availing beauty services. Hence, it is high time to start your on-demand beauty services app.

We helped Strutoo in developing clutter-free, intuitive apps for Android and iOS. Apptunix has helped several businesses in putting up apps and websites for their online beauty services across the globe.

Our tech experts are adept at using the latest technologies to develop mobile apps that are not only highly functional but also convenient to use and easy to comprehend.

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